MTA100: Celebrate with us

I’m delighted and very excited we are able to reveal some of the details of the massive national MTA100 centenary event we are hosting in Wellington next April.  Regions are also considering ways they can mark the first 100 years of our network.


In Wellington, we are staging the country’s biggest-ever motor show with a mix of the latest and the all-time greatest cars on display.  The accompanying conference will feature national and international speakers with specialist insight into the industry. They will include a few crystal ball gazers to discuss the adjustments our local industry will need to make to meet the challenges of new technology, international climate change policy, and skill shortages.

The MTA100 has strong support from the Government and our industry, and we expect huge public interest in the car displays – the Top 100, Futures Expo and an outdoors waterfront exhibition.  We are putting out a call to members, car collectors, restorers and enthusiasts to build up an exhibition of 500 of New Zealand’s most historic, iconic, and otherwise noteworthy cars.  Our dealer members are also keen to show off the world’s most technically advanced cars so expect to see some stand-out examples at the Futures Expo.

Annual conference

Partly because we have such a huge centenary event coming up, we have a tightly focused one-day annual conference on 5 November in Auckland.   It has been scheduled in time for the Pukekohe Supercar V8 races and combines with a trade exhibition of the latest in auto supplies hosted by Repco.  The AGM, seminars, MTA Auto Showcase, and gala dinner will all be held at Auckland’s Sky City Convention Centre.  If you haven’t already booked in, please do so now by clicking here.

Staff shortage survey

As I mentioned last month, our survey of skills shortages within our sector showed 40 percent of members have difficulty finding staff.  Collision repair, air conditioning, larger businesses and those in rural areas appear to have the most difficulty recruiting new staff. And those who are having problems generally feel it’s just going to get worse.  There was a general response that careers advisors could do more to promote opportunities in the sector.  MTA has already taken steps to boost its activities in this area, supporting local businesses to hold ‘career expos’ and backing it up with useful resources and social media video clips (look out for these in September). This month, we will also be meeting with MITO to work out what we can do together to raise the profile of the industry and attract smart, savvy apprentices.

MTA needs you

We are also looking for smart savvy board directors and committee members.  The motor trade industry needs to be agile and flexible to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.  Our industry needs highly skilled staff – but we are competing with everyone else who wants these people. Keeping up with new technology is putting a big financial burden on many businesses. Competition is fierce so members need as many opportunities as possible to keep their businesses on the cutting edge and profitable.  You need Board members and committee representatives who can make sure you are given all the competitive advantage possible over the coming years. Please think who among you is best able to lead organisation through the next few years and nominate them to a relevant position.

Craig Pomare





Craig Pomare
MTA Chief Executive


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