The national fleet, skills shortage and MTA100

National fleet

Vehicle safety is one of our major areas of advocacy. We want the New Zealand car parc (national fleet of vehicles) to be as safe as possible and we are not alone in being concerned. MTA recently set up a forum to gain traction on issues such as the thousands of written off vehicles being imported from Australia.

AA, VTNZ and VINZ have joined us to form the Automotive Safety Forum and we met for the first time last month to begin considering ways we could work together to ensure the roadworthiness of the national stock of vehicles. It’s early days but I will keep you up to date with the progress we make.

Skills shortage

A major element of our work to make life a little easier for members is our focus on the industry-wide skills shortage. Our recent survey found over 40 percent of members were having trouble replacing staff, or building up the number of staff they have.

The number of young people entering the industry is woefully short of what is needed but members are also struggling to recruit qualified, experienced collision repairers and auto technicians – particularly members with businesses outside the main cities.

MTA has begun investigating how we can facilitate ‘importing’ some of the skilled and qualified people we need. We will be working with immigration consultants and looking for ways to speed up the process for sponsoring skilled people into jobs in your businesses. We are also taking action and this month we are supporting members in Timaru who have joined forces to recruit local young people into their businesses, using an innovative ‘careers day’.


I hope last month’s Radiator sparked your interest in our massive centenary event in Wellington next year.  While it’s a bit early to release too much in the way of detail, I can tell you we are lining up some truly spectacular cars for the exhibition. We are working closely with Southward Car Museum who have agreed to provide several historic and noteworthy cars, including the first car to be sold in New Zealand. We also have undertakings from major dealerships to bring the absolute latest in cars and developing technology to Wellington.  Collectors and enthusiasts are lining up to take part in the exhibition, which will showcase the greatest, most iconic and rarest cars ever to be seen in one place. Remember to book your place for the MTA100 in Wellington 28-30 April 2017.

Annual conference

Another reminder – the annual conference is being held over one day in Auckland on
5 November and the event includes the MTA Auto Showcase (hosted by Repco)– where all the latest motor trade suppliers will show off their products. The event, at Sky City Convention Centre, has been timed to give members a chance to catch up with the ITM Auckland Supersprint at Pukekohe on 6 November.

We already have 250 members attending and you can book your tickets here.

Business partnerships

Finally, we are reviewing the way we work with MTA business partners. Some of these relationships work very well – they deliver significant benefit to members day-in and day-out. Other, more historical relationships, have lost relevance over the years. So it is time they were examined with a new lens to put the focus back on the benefit to members. The first review has been with our banking partner, ANZ. We invited all the major banks to tender for the provision of merchant and general banking services. The result will be announced next month and I am sure it will result in an improved banking offer to our members.

Member satisfaction survey

Thank you to all members that responded to the recent survey asking what you thought of the job we’re doing. We’re working our way through your feedback to understand the changes we need to make to improve what we deliver for you. I’ll tell you more in the next edition of Radiator.


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