MTA’s latest brand developments

We have just launched our new main brand positioning campaign.

While we had a large spread on it in the last edition of RadiatorGo the ads have now been on TV for over a month and the feedback we have received has been nothing but positive.

It is quite a change from where we have been in the past and we track consumers’ attitude towards MTA to see if our ads are resonating. The results have been well above expectation. This is fantastic as we are wanting to appeal to a much wider audience and it is great to know we are hitting the spot in that regard.

The second TV commercial promoting our MTA gift card/voucher has just hit the screens and will run for a couple of weeks before returning to promote the MTA gift for Father’s Day. This second burst will include a reference to the new MTA app that be launched in August as well. Following on its heels will be a third ad aimed at the car dealer sector and from there we will be on a rotational basis for the remainder of the year.

This brand positioning, and light hearted nature of the gift and dealer commercials, is crucial to appeal to the typical household shopper in the 25–69 age bracket, which has a slight skew to female.

The MTA App will help cement a more modern and innovative MTA as we were considered a bit old fashioned. You can’t just say you are modern and innovative without backing that up with something tangible and the App is a great way to do that.

I am very excited about our new brand family and you will see them starting to appear in other media channels such as our Facebook page, YouTube clips etc. Over time, as we constantly reinforce MTA as professional, modern, innovative and family friendly, the public will not only continue to have recognition of the MTA logo but understand what we stand for and associate us with these characteristics and values.

However, and there is always a however, the far bigger challenge is for this positioning to be displayed within our membership. It is over to you as members and us as an organisation to live up to these expectations. That is a never ending journey but something we must try and do. We are a standards and quality based membership organisation and we need to constantly work on that.

So what are we doing in that regard then, I hear you say? Well, quite a bit. You will recall the Presidents Working Group that undertook the branch structure review also began exploring what our membership might look like (or need to look like) in future years. We obtained some great feedback and more work will be done on that once the new regional structure is in place.

The regional network will also ensure a consistent level of service to all members around the country which is not the case at present. Some branches really struggle and local members miss out but they will come under the regions’ wing so will have access to training, events and others things that they weren’t able to before. The structure also frees up our business advisors so they spend more time with members and less time on administration.

I wrote an article in last year’s October Radiator talking about the need for members to be better business people and for MTA to develop a business training academy to help you. We have done a lot of work on that over the last six months and we are about to launch that in August. The first tranche is the new MTA Toolbox. This will give you fantastic information and advice that is built on a brand new web platform which is user friendly and accessible through any device. In the first instance it will cover HR, Marketing, Health and Safety and Finance and other sections will be added. We were hoping to get this to you sooner but our website wouldn’t cope so we had to find and build an alternative. All you need to do is go online and, being a smart system, it will recognise you and dish up only the information that is relevant to your sector…you just have to go on line in the first place. So watch this space for the launch of the MTA Toolbox.

To be able to promote and celebrate excellence in the motor industry we are looking towards a national awards programme once the regions are in place. A number of branches run such events now so we can leverage them. They are well patronised and are a great way to showcase MTA’s professionalism and quality and for entrants and winners to promote their businesses. It also increases the strength of our brand and public image if done well and is a great way to reinforce what we stand for.

We will continue to run national seminars and training, provide you with the latest information and we are more than happy to receive any ideas on what might be of real value. We are currently following up on a number of suggestions which look really positive, but we are always searching for more.

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